Note that the exceptions to the USGA rules are optional. If a player wishes to maintain an accurate USGA handicap, he may play to the USGA rules or add the appropraite penalty strokes to his round prior to recording his score on the POA handicaap system.
* * * *
USGA rules except for the following
MULLIGANS: You may take a mulligan on the first hole played, however, if you take one, you have to play it. The first ball is out of play.

PUTTING: Gimmie putts allowed up to 18". No raked putts.

ROCK AND ROOT RULE: Through the green, not in a hazard,you may move your ball as far as necessary to avoid hitting rocks or roots. This is for the safety of yourself and your team-mates so please do it.USGA rules apply in hazards. Play it as it lies or drop out within two club lengths with a one stroke penalty.

FORWARD TEES: Players 80+ years old may play from the #4 tees. Players with medical problems may also play from the #4 tees. Players who do not normally drive more than 150 yards may play from the $4 tees. All others play from the #3 tees. Notify a pairings facilitator of your choice if you qualify. Some games may require #4 tee players to play from other tees.

IMPROVING YOUR LIE: You may improve your lie up to one club length anywhere through the green. Through the green is from tee to green except traps and hazards. You can not move your ball onto the green from the fringe.
PRICE FUND: $3.00 per week is collected from those who play. Team and individual winnings will be paid at least twice per year at the end of the winter and summer schedules. Awards from the last tournament and the accumulated awards will be posted in the blue book after each tournament.

MAXIMUM HOLE SCORE: A player may pick up & record triple bogey.

OUT-OF-BOUNDS & LOST BALL: Play out-of-bounds or lost ball as a lateral hazard. e.g. Drop a ball about two club lengths from where it crossed the out-of-bounds line or in the area of last seen lost ball with a one stroke penalty.SIGN-UP: The team captain will mark the next play date on the score card for each player. If there is no next play date for a player shown, he will be listed as a "will call" and will not be signed up for a tournament until he requests a play date by phone or email.
DOGWOOD HOLE 13: Free lift from the concrete ditch.
HOLE-IN-ONE CLUB: A player must be in the the Hole-in-one club prior to the round to collect the kitty for a hole-in-one.
SAND TRAPS: If your ball is in a footprint or divit that was not properly raked, you may lift the ball, rake the area and place the ball. You may also move rocks that have worked up through the sand. You may not rake the sand or improve your lie for any other reason other than as allowed per the USGA rules. Note that this is a Bella Vista Local Rule.

DUES: Dues will be collected yearly. Any member who plays in more than four tournaments a year must pay dues. New members joining late in the year and winter players are exempt from dues for that year. Dues are presently $5 per year.
DOGWOOD HOLE 12: If you hit into the water or out of play from the tee, you may drop your ball on the fairway side of the pond near the cart path. You may also skip the tee and drop on the fairway side of the pond near the cart path. In both cases, you are hitting 3. You may not tee the ball up.INCLEMENT WEATHER: The tournament will be played if the temperature at tee time is 41 degrees and rising. If the temperature at tee time is less than 41 degrees or about 41 degrees but falling, the tournament will be canceled.
If the heat index is predicted to exceed 96 degrees in the first three hours of a round, the tournament may be canceled.
Cancelation for rain or lightning is at the discretion of the Committee member responsible for the pairings.
When a tournament is canceled and the course is open, we will keep a few tee times for those who want to play.
FIVESOMES: Teams will normally be made up with 4 or 3 players. If a member signs up after the pairings are posted and the teams are full, he may play as a fifth man on a team but will normally not be a member of the team and will not pay into the prize fund.
If we have more players signed up than we have tee times, we will attempt to get another tee time or make 5-man teams. If there are only 1 or 2 five-man teams, one score will not be used for the team score. The player will be selected by lot. All 5 players will pay into the prize fund and all 5 players will collect from the prize fund.
If there are more than 2 five-man teams, every team will be made a 5-man team by random selection of other player's scores. The scheduled game may be changed to accommodate 5-man teams.