2-Man Team Best Ball with handicap


Team score accumulates points as follows:


Net Bogey – 0 Points

Net Par – 2 Points

Net Birdie – 4 Points

Net Eagle – 6 Points

Net Double Eagle – 8 Points


$20 per team league fee


8 weeks of play


Start Time is 12 Noon.  Public play is allowed until 3:00 PM. The Public has the Right of Way at the Tee Box.


Play Ready Golf.  We need to keep pace of play under 2 Hours.  Later in the season some groups may insert themselves on different holes on the course.  Do not be offended by this as it will likely be required to have everyone finish before dark.


Playing as a twosome is not allowed. Try to arrange your group for future events in advance.


Rain or shine unless course is closed. League will only be canceled if the course is closed by the Course Management.


Substitute players are allowed if they have an established Grand View Handicap.


Lightning or Unplayable Course Conditions

If 80% of the league has completed their round and remaining teams have completed at least 6 holes – then Net Pars (2 points) will be used to complete the scores for the round.  For the Skins Game, 90% of the players in each game must complete their round or the game will be voided for that week and there will be double skins the following week.  This would not apply to the Skins Game for the last week of the season.



If you’re not able to finish due to Darkness, this would be on you.  Net Bogie scores (0 points) would be used to complete the score card.   This won’t affect the Skins Game.



Standard USGA – 96%, Based on best 4 of last 5 scores, Equitable Stroke Control.  Players without an established Handicap will be restricted to 80% for the first week.  Handicaps will be adjusted weekly. Maximum Handicap is 18.    


Gold Tee Program is in effect.  (Age 65 + 13 > handicap)