2018 Grandview Wednesday Men’s League Rules


  1. The league begins on the Wednesday April 25 and continues for 18 weeks. The 18 weeks consist of 8 first half matches, 1 fun night (6/20), 8 second half matches and 1 playoff night (8/29).  No play on July 4th


  1. League starting times are from 3:00 to 5:00 PM. Make sure to check in with the front desk before the round so they can mark your name off the list as to who is playing and who has paid green fees.  Subs need to check in and announce who they are playing for.


  1. If you can't make it for a week, please give your best effort to find a sub. We have a list of subs, or you can get a friend to play. If you’re unable to find a sub, please contact the league secretary and a ghost sub will be assigned. The Ghost Sub’s score will be the average score of the flight that you play in for that night. Your opponent will play against this average. However, the maximum points that you can score for your team with the use of a Ghost Sub will be capped at 0 points. (a little incentive to find a real sub).


  1. Groups must play as foursomes. This is to prevent players from being stranded as a twosome. This rule is in effect even if you are playing against a Ghost Sub. 

Examples of allowed foursomes: 3 players & a Ghost (Total 4) or 2 players & 2 Ghosts (Total 4). 

Example of not allowed foursome: 2 players & 2 players vs. 2 Ghosts (Total 6)


  1. For starting order, place a ball in the rack on #1 tee only when you have a four-some at the course and ready to play.


  1. Each team will have 4 players. Each team’s players will be flighted A, B, C or D. The lowest handicapped player will be the 'A', next lowest ‘B’ and so on. This will be revised once during the season after the 8th week of play based on the updated stroke averages.


  1. Matches are played A-A, B-B, C-C, D-D and we play each team at least one time. We play match points based on your net score (actual score less strokes if you get them on a hole). Each hole is worth 2 points. If you tie a hole with your match opponent, you each get a 1 point. With each match, winning the low net total will earn you 2 extra points. Therefore, there are 20 points available for each match.


  1. The first half winning team will face the second half winning team in a final night playoff to determine the league champions.


  1. Year end prizes will be awarded for individual low gross average, individual low net average, individual high point average, individual high points total, 1st half winning team, 2nd half winning team and league champions. To be eligible for individual awards, you must play in 13 of the 16 scheduled matches.


  1. Handicaps are determined using the USGA format (96%) including Equitable Stroke Control.


  1. Handicaps will be based on the 4 best scores of the previous 5 rounds. If 5 rounds are not available, a handicap will be calculated by using the rounds played so far. The maximum 9 hole league handicap is 20.


  1. If a player doesn't have a handicap, one will be established based on that night's score. For new subs, only 80% of the first round handicap will be used.


  1. Subs in the year end playoff must have a handicap that is not more than 2 strokes lower than the player they’re subbing for.


  1. Gold Tee Program is in effect.  Age 65 or older.  Handicap of 13 or higher.


  1. League officers will vote no later then 5:00 PM on calling off play due to weather.   Rain outs will not be made up.


  1. Except as noted, the USGA Rules of Golf apply for league play.


  1. Winter rules apply in your own fairway for the months of April & May only, unless otherwise notified.


  1. The waste area to the left of holes 5, 6, 7 are to be played as a lateral hazard.


  1. League officers will make all decisions regarding placement of new players each year.


  1. Dues must be paid to your team captain by the 3rd week of league play.