Mid Vallee Indoor Simulator League
This page is dedicated for the Indoor Simulator League that takes place each January. 
The league consists of 4 person teams playing 9 holes each week at a time that is convenient for them.
If you have any questions or concerns about this league, please contact Scott at scott@midvallee.com.
Click on the links below for the league information.

2020 Simulator Rules

2020 Simulator Schedule

Week 1 Results

Week 2 Results

Week 3 Results

Week 4 Results

Week 5 Results

Week 6 Results

Week 7 Results

Week 8 Results

Week 9 Results

2019 Results:

1st Place - 

2nd Place -

3rd Place -

4th Place - 

2018 Results:

1st Place - Paul Ebben, Nate Fink, Tyler Frederickson, Evan Pistohl

2nd Place - Bill Korht, Steve Kihl, Tim Smith, Don Price

3rd Place - Corey Berkers, Kurt Walgenbach, Rob Lamers, Ramiro Rodriquez

4th Place - David Anderson, Bill Weber, Jeff Spence, Ted Gessler


2017 Results:

1st Place Co-Champs = Eric Bristol, Dean Strauss, Mike Pontow, Bill Kiefer

1st Place Co-Champs = Arlie Allen, Bruce Bishop, Wes Wendlandt, Dan Hurley

3rd Place Team = Brad Charapata, Jason Bartanen, Casey Patrick, Tyler Hutchinson

4th Place Team = David Anderson, Bill Weber, Jeff Spence, Ted Gessler

2016 Results:

1st Place Team = Kyle Redjinski, Adam Simonis, Brett Zavernik, Chris Kentop

2nd Place Team = Kurt Walgenbach, Tom Germann, Eric Schadt, Jeff Lindemann

3rd Place Team = Eric Calaway, Bob Loch, Dave Loch, Juan Perez

4th Place Team = Tyler Hutchinson, Jason Bartanen, Brad Charapata, Casey Patrick

2015 Results:

1st Place Team = Eric Brezinski, Scot Vandersteen, Joe Burkard, Frank Vanlangendon

2nd Place Team = Jason Bartenen,  Casey Patrick, Brad Charapata, Tyler Hutchison

3rd Place Team = Arlie Allen, Bruce Bishop, Wes Wendlandt, Dan Hurley

4th Place Team = Jamie Gerhard, Dave Angst, Jim Gerhard, Mark Gillis