St Wenceslaus Men's Golf League

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General League Information

Welcome to the St Wenceslaus Men's Golf League website.

Enrollment for the 2015 season has closed.

If you haven't played in the league previously, here is some general information about the league.

We play on Thursday night at Miracle Hill Golf Course, which is located 3/4 of a mile north of 120th & Dodge St in Omaha, NE.  The first tee time is 5:06 and the last tee time is around 6:00.  Teams are rotated on the schedule (See the League Schedule on the Rosters & Schedules page for additional information).

The league dues (currently $145) covers the green fees, flag prizes, tournament green fees, and the season-ending banquet.  Riding carts are optional and the cost of the cart is the responsibility of the rider (it is not included in the league dues).

The league currently consist of eight teams of eight players.  On any given Thursday, four players from each team will be scheduled to play (32 total tee times).  The Team schedules are established by the Team captain, who is responsible for contacting his team members to determine when they can (or cannot) play.  Each player will be scheduled to play 8 times during the season.  Substitutions (swaps) with other team/league members is allowed and encouraged, if something comes up.  It is the responsibility of the player to arrange swaps and substitutions.  Substitutions and swaps are limited only to league members (substitutions by non-league members are not allowed).

Each golfer is handicapped (see the League Parameters page for details).  Each team will determine their player positions (A, B, C, or D) depending on their handicaps each night.  Each foursome will be comprised of 2 players from one team and 2 players from the opposing team of equal position (ie A vs A, B vs B, etc).  This arrangement generally means you will be playing with and against someone of about the same caliber (although this can vary from week to week).  The first half of the season will match the A & C players from both teams and the second half of the season will match the A & B players from both teams.  Variation to this set-up is allowed, with the approval of all members of both teams.  Hopefully, this set-up will give you maximum exposure to different players in the league.

The opposing teams will be playing for a total of 20 points each night.  Each individual will compete for 4 points each night (2 points based on Match play [most holes won] and 2 points based on Stroke play [low net score]).  An additional 4 points will be awarded at the team level (2 points for most total holes won and 2 points based on low total net.  Both formats (Match & Medal) take the net difference in player handicaps into consideration.

All team members of the first place team from the first half of the season (first 7 weeks) will play against all team members of the first place team from the second half of the season (second 7 weeks) in the league championship on week 17.  There will be fun night on week eight and sixteen (format to be determined).

Week 17 is also when the season-ending Tournament / Banquet takes place.  All participants are split into three separate flights (based on handicap).  First four places (low net) in each flight receive cash prizes.

We want everyone to have FUN!!!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Larry Maiefski, Secretary @ (402) 578-1899 or