The Willis Cup League

****The Willis Cup League****

Starting April 29th, 2017 and running the next 15 Saturdays until August 5th, 2017, we will be having the regular season of the “Willis Cup”. This will be a new Saturday morning league, which is modeled after the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup. Over the 15 weeks of the regular season, you’ll be able to earn points toward the Willis Cup standings. After the regular season, the top two-thirds in Willis Cup points will qualify for the Willis Cup playoffs, where the points will be reset. Only your top 10 finishes would count toward the standings, which allows you to miss some weeks and still have a chance at qualifying for the playoffs. After the playoffs start, we will eliminate the bottom third each week, and after three weeks we will have our first Willis Cup champion.

Each week, there will be a $3 fee that will go toward the Willis Cup prize pool. Each week, you must pay your $3 for your score to count towards Willis Cup points, up to a $30 max. After you have paid your $30 towards the Willis Cup, you will no longer need to pay $3 to score Willis Cup points. In addition to the $3, we will also have two more weekly games:
• A $9 weekly game, with $3 going to the front, back and total prize pools
• A $3 weekly low individual net game

You do not have to participate in all weekly games. You may participate in one, two or all games in any one week. Guests or any members not wanting to play in the league would be welcome to participate, as they have in the past, without paying a $3 league fee. The only requirement is that if you play in the Willis Cup league, you are paired with others playing for Willis Cup points.

Should you qualify for the Willis Cup playoffs, the three playoff dates will be:
• Saturday, August 12th (Bottom 3rd eliminated)
• Saturday August 19th (Bottom 3rd eliminated)
• Saturday August 26th (Champion crowned)